Twitter summaries of 2012

Day 1, show 1: Bridget Christie had an awesome T-shirt, mentioned owls, and dressed up as a war donkey. Oh, and was very very funny.
Day 1, show 2: @mmaarrow had a lovely range of impressions, including Laika, Cheryl using real science in hair ads, and many more
Day 1, show 3: Morgan and West, using me in their first trick (which apparently included telling everyone how it was done); excellent magic
Day 1, show 4: The @Fitzroviaradio hour, cut glass as ever, but stepping up a gear to new heights with the shenanigans towards the end.
Day 1, show 5: Mr Piffles the chihuahua can’t help but steal the show, but Amy, oh and Piff, do very well for themselves too with the magic
Day 1 show 6: @tubularbells42 does exactly what it says – and boy, do they look tired by the end. Excellent, with loop pedals galore.

Day 2, show 7: Starting off with @YvonneArnaudYT’s Wind in the Willows. Excellently acted and sang, though I felt on the weasels’ side!
Day 2, show 8: The Temps, with @SarahBennetto and friends, and a @BecHillComedian cameo. Funny japes; one scene clearly longer each day 😉
Day 2, show 9: @helen_keen (and @miriamunderhill shadow puppetry) with very humorous robot-based Futurist Or Felon, photocopiers and fanfic.
Day 2, show 10: Mr Woodnote instead of Stewart Lee. “experimental dub fx flower fairy funk jazz kev the poet lil rhys loopstation madness”
Day 2, show 11: @ClaudiaODoherty – you’ll all be after tickets now, Johnny-come-latelys, but this is my third year, because she is great.
Day 2, show 12: @TapeFaceBoy is back with all new fun, ranging from Lean On Me to bull fighting, and a quite lovely 99 Luftballons ending.
Day 2, show 13: @friskynmannish do the 27 Club. I especially liked Ke$ha’s We R Who We R, and Mannish’s rendition of The Rose. Not too dark!

Day 3, show 14: Petya and the Wolf at Zoo^WAssembly Roxy. Nice enactment of the tale with the original soundtrack and narration.
Day 3, show 15: Very interesting panel chaired by @MarkFFisher (Fringe Survival Guide, mentions my 2010 trip!) on Fringe success and failure
Day 3, show 16: Leo, performing acrobatics and dance as if gravity was sideways, and changeable. Even right in front of you, you believed.
Day 3, show 17: Daniel Kitson (thanks @lawnjam). I enjoyed it, even if at one point we were told we weren’t (and was that part of the show?)
Day 3, show 18: The amazingly talented @_UpAndOverIt marvel us with their twist on Irish dancing. (Do you have a music setlist? 🙂 )
Day 3, show 19: Great second @friskynmannish show – including Gotye meets Dannii, Kelly Clarkson clichés, and my friend shook a good maraca!

Day 4, show 20: Shakespeare for Breakfast. Romeo & Juliet: The Only Way Is Little Venice. Croissants on seats!
Day 4, show 21: Ending with @bechillcomedian, like 2010. My back up plan is… backups 😉 Very funny, clearly drunk (on power) (not really).

Sat on the train waiting to leave Edinburgh, as my visit draws to a close. I’ve seen a lot of excellent things; quite amazing what people do

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Third time’s the charm

No cheap train tickets this year, but I’m splashing out regardless. That means I might as well take the quick train too, it’s the same price.

This year, I am mostly seeing: Bridget Christie, Morgan & West, Fitzrovia Radio Hour, Piff the Magic Dragon, Tubular Bells For Two, Helen Keen, Stewart Lee, Claudia O’Doherty, The Boy With Tape On His Face, Frisky & Mannish, Up & Over It, and Frisky & Mannish again (because why wouldn’t you).

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