August 2010. By now, Jupiter should be a second star and we should be being warned we can go anywhere except Europa. Instead, tomorrow I’m taking a five hour train journey from Birmingham to Edinburgh (though the east coast route is an hour slower than the west coast, it’s both prettier as it trundles through Northumberland, and cheaper – £16.50 single) in order to attend the 2010 Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

I have trouble deciding what to have for tea, so the 2,453 or so productions taking place over the next four weeks have the potential to lead me into a choice catatonia, but I’m sure I’ll be able – through indecision if nothing else – to find some things to see and do. My calendar shows you my current plans, mostly so I have something to refer to and hopefully won’t end up missing something I actually have a ticket for. It’s currently biased towards comedy, but I’m sure that’ll change over the next few days as I look more into the masses of theatre going on. And I mustn’t miss Barbershopera or Piramania…

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