Getting ready

With a bit of DNS wizardry and poking at bits of WordPress trying to remember what I’d done last year, I’m managing to reuse last year’s installation for this year’s adventure 🙂

Two events conspire to bring me to Scotland this year – I’m speaking at Edgelands, part of the Forest Fringe, on “What is digital innovation in the arts and why is it important?” (eek), and my cousin is getting married in Glasgow. So I thought I could probably fit a few shows in inbetween, as well as Edinburgh vs Stuttgart in the roller derby…

Due to disorganisation on my part, whilst we have £5 single train tickets back from Edinburgh to Birmingham at the end of our stay, all cheap train tickets had gone for the journey up north, so we’ve resorted to £9 single coach tickets. Two hours longer than the train, but much much cheaper – will stock up on the podcasts.

Organising has felt different to last year – then, the amount of time I had meant I decided to be (and could be) quite laissez-faire about booking things, as I knew I could always see it later on in the run. This time, I’ve decided to book quite a number of things in advance (even then, I was too late for a couple of things), perhaps slightly too many, but have still left a few gaps. We’ll see!

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