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Probably useful to no-one other than myself, but I’ve just knocked up a quick command line search interface to the official Edinburgh Fringe website. You can get it from github; it’s as simple as typing “fringe hamlet” to find everything with hamlet in the title, or “fringe venue:balloon” to find everything at the Gilded Balloon Teviot. It only shows 10 results currently, and doesn’t do anything helpful with dates, but it’ll do for sorting out today. Here’s an example output:

$ fringe asbo
Homo Asbo 17:45 Gilded Balloon Teviot
    The hardest man on the estate has just come out and has decided
    to go straight. Armed with only his guitar and ghetto blaster, he
    rewrites gay history and assassinates celebrity bad boys, bigots
    and men who wax.
Asbo Fairy Tales 12:20 C
    Snow White claims paternity against all seven dwarves on 'Jeremy
    Kyle'! Big, bad bailiff pursues three little pigs for credit card fraud!
    Moldilocks protests middle-class bear oppression! A proper mash-up
    of princesses and asbonauts innit!

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3 Responses to Command line search

  1. Mictheslik says:

    This could be quite useful….but why not use the website search? 😛

    Good choice of example too (teching ASBO fairy tales :D)

  2. Matthew says:

    It is the website search – it’s just quicker and simpler (for me) from the command line 🙂 I’ve finally got a ticket for ASBO Fairy Tales, so should be there on Friday.

  3. Mictheslik says:

    ah OK…:D

    Hope you have a good time on Friday…feel free to pop your head through the curtain and say hello!

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