Solo Cello

Moving house again, late lunch and cake at Falko the Konditormeister, and tea with family meant the only thing I saw today was Red Cello Electrified, in which South African Carol Thorns plays an electric cello whilst images of South Africa play out behind her. The music brought to mind Einaudi, if he decided to go into electronica cello, and I found myself mesmerised by the shadow cast on the projection by the playing.

I was in fact planning to go to Fauré’s Requiem after this finished, but the thought of waiting for the last bus and having to make up the bed having not done it earlier meant I instead decided to come home for a relatively early night, wondering whether to try and do something silly tomorrow or not.

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  1. :D says:

    I have heard a version of, I think, Le Onde, performed on – again, I think – a harp. So an electric cello potentially isn’t that far off.

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