Victorian dictator obsession

Read all about it! Read all about it! Man can’t be bothered to write another blog post in the style of a show he’s seen! Thunderer gave us an exaggerated glimpse into a Victorian newspaper – modern enough to employ a Lady – and told a few humourous tales, a gentle introduction to the day.

Tiffany Stevenson’s show was about dictators, from Mugabe to OK! Magazine (death count of 62 memorial issues, including one before the subject had died) to her mum, who still tries to dictate her life (thinks she’s not responsible enough to have a pet but keeps asking when she’ll be having children). Particular ire was reserved (deservedly in my opinion) for OK! Magazine, and it is much to her credit (and Bumble the cat) that the show remained light and funny given the potentially sombre information included (more on Hitler and Mugabe than OK! Magazine there). I’m pleased to report that we also performed well: “Lovely show today! Had a great crowd in.”

Obsession was a two person show talking about, unsurprisingly, people’s Obsessions, whether that was Gemma’s OCD regarding taking OCD tests or avoiding people named Simon, or David’s with The Artist Formerly Known As Prince. We also got given free chocolate, which always goes down well.

Lastly, the polished (if injured) Chris Addison gave a very middle class hour of comedy, as he said himself, starting with the story of his very middle class injury of jumping down the stairs too far a few days ago whilst trying to catch the Sainsbury’s delivery man. One section I particularly enjoyed began after talking about the miracle of wireless (it really is), with the annoyance of Google’s auto-correct or suggest feature, moved through talking about poor website form usability (none of mine would behave like that!), finishing with discussion on Amazon’s scary recommendation features. A geeky slice within a comedy pie.

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